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How to Buy
Gold and Silver Today
To Preserve your Assets Tomorrow
It’s Not an Option: It’s Imperative to Protect your Assets

Currency Crisis Ahead? Own Gold & Silver for Survival

Here’s a Useful Guide to Buying Precious Metals to Protect Your Assets

With prices low, it’s time to buy precious metals.

But how much should you buy? And in what form?
Answering these questions is the purpose of this guide.

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First, let’s look at the risk. Does the Fed know what it’s doing?

Even the Fed has now conceded that their QE policy was largely ineffective to end the threat of economic stagnation and high unemployment. But they have not acknowledged its worst effects on US and global markets.

Many savvy investors see the Fed’s zero-interest-rate and money-supply-expansion policies as leading to continued dollar devaluation, rising commodity prices, a non-zero risk of hyperinflation, and perhaps a devastating collapse of the bond market and our financial system.

We are living in a reckless time

Simply put, the Fed’s policies continue to enable the Treasury to finance our entitlement society and to expand our astounding public debt, now $19 trillion, which continues to grow as the size, scope and cost of the Federal bureaucracy increases. How will GDP growth of 2 to 3% get us out of a debt hole that keeps getting deeper by 6% each year?

In fact, there is no change in sight. The Fed cannot do otherwise than keep interest rates low in the face of our astronomical public dept, municipal bankruptcies, expanding government entitlement spending, weak consumer spending and persistent un- and under-employment, with millions out of the labor force and jobs that provide no benefits.

For the first time in our nation’s history there is a risk of hyperinflation in the US and a greater-than-zero risk of total financial system collapse.

It’s not too late to protect your assets and purchasing power

While it may be too late to save the US financial system, it is not too late for investors to protect at least part of their wealth. You have an opportunity to protect your assets and purchasing power now by holding precious metals. Jerry White’s ebook How to Buy Gold and Silver Today explains how to buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium in appropriate forms for the risks you can see yourself, taking into account whether you consider them high probability events or not.

Written by a bullion market specialist with no axe to grind, White’s guide answers the basic questions of both conservative and aggressive investors in their quest for safety:

  • What share of my investment portfolio should I put
    into precious metals?
  • Is a gold or silver ETF a safe way to buy?
  • Are rare coins a good investment?
  • How can I find a reliable dealer?
  • Should I take physical delivery? Where will I store it?
  • How much portable physical gold and silver do I need?
  • Can I put my gold into an IRA?
  • Will the US government confiscate my gold?
  • How can I sell it back?
  • Is it ok to buy gold on eBay?
  • And many others.

White presents a breadth of information about precious metals in all their investment forms and guides investors to choose appropriate protection based on their own assessment of the risks. He doesn’t predict that gold prices will rise over any particular timeframe but does explain the fundamental reasons for a rise in prices as well as the case for whistling past the graveyard. He then presents an easily implemented strategy for maintaining an investor’s financial well-being over the long term no matter what the Fed’s actions lead to.

Securities investors will benefit from this guide to the gold market

Why is it prudent for investors to read this ebook? Buying physical precious metals can be more complicated than buying stocks or bonds because they need to be kept somewhere safe. How to buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and how to create a precious metals survival portfolio are the subjects of this book.

It is addressed to investors — experienced or not with precious metals. While ETFs meet most traders’ goals, there is no single way to own gold that is right for every investor. This book makes it easy for any investor to create a diversified long-term investment portfolio that will meet his or her particular investment goals in the face of the risks he or she sees, an array of which are clearly laid out..

Free advice is rarely worth more than what you pay for it

Much of the advice available on the web was written by a knowledgeable gold-selling firm or salesman, hoping to lead you to buy from them. Or it was copied from such a source by someone who knows little about precious metals investing. Jerry White is an experienced bullion market specialist and does not represent a gold seller of any sort. His advice is trusted by ordinary investors.

In addition, he recognizes that investors have many motivations to buy gold, and that no one form of gold ownership will be approporaite for everyone. You will be making a long-term commitment, and you should get it right.

How to Buy Gold and Silver Today is a guide to an easily implemented investment strategy for ordinary investors based on precious metals, whether you are 20 or 70 years old, and whether your portfolio is a few thousand dollars or several million.

Holding gold for asset allocation

What if you are not concerned about a financial system collapse at all? Do you need to keep gold under your pillow? Holding physical gold, or holding more than a few ounces worth, may not be appropriate for you at all. Not every investor is concerned about a collapse of the world's economic system. If this is not your concern, this book will guide you to creating a sensible portfolio that includes precious metals for asset allocation purposes rather than to survive a collapse.

For those investors who want to have physical gold available, there is prudent advice concerning both local and off-shore storage options.

How will this guide benefit an ordinary investor?

How to Buy Gold and Silver Today is a guide for all investors who want to protect themselves against the economic consequences of high deficits and growing public debt, of an expanding money supply, inevitable inflation and devaluation of the dollar that degrades their purchasing power and makes a comfortable retirement a pipedream.

If you are unfamiliar with the gold market, its premiums, specialized dealers, issues of storage, and jargon (like contango, loco London and allocated bars) and you want to avoid its pitfalls and scams, then you will find this guide invaluable.

Do commissions affect the quality of the advice you get?

The answer should not be a surprise. Most investment advisors earn commissions only when you buy securities such as ETFs. But maybe ETFs are not the best form of gold investment for you. How about gold coins? Perhaps, but you need to know that most coin sellers' reps earn their commissions based on the premium they charge you over the gold price, so they have an incentive to sell so-called rare coins at high premiums.

Your best defense against being misdirected and against overpaying is to know how to create a sensible portfolio of precious metals based on your own investment goals: what forms to buy, where to buy, how much to buy, and what are reasonable costs. Can you make an informed decision about your future on partial information? This practical guide will help you avoid these and other pitfalls by giving you very specific advice that answers these questions.

What is in the book?

How to Buy Gold and Silver Today covers many topics of special relevance such as the role of the London fixings, central bank buying of gold, the causes of hyperinflation, the bull and bear cases for gold and silver, the long-term outlook for platinum and palladium, how and where to buy precious metals, storage, the threat of confiscation, how to sell precious metals, and the tax consequences of owning precious metals. It describes the various forms of precious metals investment and the benefits and costs of each (mining shares, gold bars, silver bars, ETFs, coins, certificates, futures and options, and platinum group metals). It guides investors to select the forms of investment that will best meet their own investment goals.

Did you know...

that there is a safe, inexpensive way to buy and hold physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in allocated storage in your own name? And you do not have to pay for shipping. Bullion dealers use it. Coin dealers have no incentive to tell you about it — neither does your stockbroker. But you will learn about it in this guide.

About the author

While not a coin dealer, broker or clairvoyant, Jerry White has a rich background in precious metals trading, investing and consulting.

As former trading manager of a major bullion dealer, he has bought and sold millions of ounces of physical precious metals of all types as well as futures and options. Having worked in New York, London and Hong Kong, he knows the precious metals market and its participants (banks, exchanges, brokers, miners, refiners, fabricators and traders).

author Jerry WhiteHe was also chief executive of a Comex precious metals depository that stored gold and silver, processed bags of silver coins, and shipped precious metals by courier, armored car and tractor trailer. He was a director of and gave his name to the well-known international commodities brokerage firm, Brody, White & Co., and participated in the over-stimulated silver market of 1979-80 when the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the market.

As a consultant, White has advised major refiners, wholesale coin dealers, and Comex, and he developed derivatives trading software for some of the largest international banks as well as a risk management system for JP Morgan’s Treasury department. He combined his experience in precious metals, software and marketing to set up a large-scale gold-jewelry buying firm.

White believes that the US economy and particularly the US dollar are in trouble due to decades of government policies that favor international banks, big business and big labor over entrepreneurs and free markets, and that there will be no practical way to correct the resulting misallocations of resources until the present Fed-led system is replaced. He has allocated a substantial share of his own investment portfolio to precious metals for long-term protection.

In How to Buy Gold and Silver Today, White shares his extensive knowledge and experience with investors who want to know how to go about creating an investment portfolio of precious metals. The book is particularly well-suited to investors and their advisors who know the stockmarket but not precious metals.

Purchase the practical buyer’s guide to buying gold and silver

Whether your interest is in buying a few thousand dollars worth of gold or several million of a diversified precious metals portfolio, White's how-to guide will save you money and help you avoid the pitfalls inherent in this high-value physicals market. Updated in August 2014, it runs to 85 pages, long enough to be chock full of very specific advice on what to buy and where to buy it, and short enough for you to digest its information and implement your own buying plan quickly. The book is protected by US copyright. Buyers may print it, but only for their own use.

Before you put your investment funds into a market you are not familiar with, you owe it to yourself to spend a couple of evenings with this book. It will guide you to creating an investing plan for gold, silver and platinum-group metals that will help protect your assets and your money’s purchasing power. It may be the best investment you make in your future well-being. Get it now. Read it tonight. And start protecting your purchasing power tomorrow.

Immediate download

Don’t wait in the hope of finding your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. When it comes to protecting your assets, hope may not be the best investment strategy. You can purchase and download the PDF version below. Alternatively, select the Kindle or Epub reader version instead of PDF.

ebook how to buy gold today
PDF version: $19.99, 85 pages
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PS: You will also receive an Allocation Worksheet to record your allocations to various forms of precious metals investments. You can also use it later to compare your investments’ performance with your initial allocations. How to Buy Gold and Silver Today will guide your selection among the investment possibilities within each form of investment based on your goals.

PPS: If you are thinking about investing in gold or silver, make your buying plan now. This guide will help you avoid high premiums and other pitfalls while protecting against inflation and devaluation. Make sure you buy the right form of gold to meet your investment needs.

How to Buy Gold and Silver Today will help you realize your investment goals and protect your purchasing power at a cost that is a tiny fraction of your portfolio risk today.


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