Articles on Gold and Silver

What is a Troy Ounce?

The jargon of the precious metals markets can be confusing to new investors. For example, what exactly is a troy ounce? Where did it come from?

What is Fineness?

The jargon of the precious metals markets can be confusing to new investors. For example, what exactly is fineness of gold or silver? Who determines it, and can it be trusted?

Who Sets the Prices of Precious Metals?

What are the London gold and silver fixings? Who exactly are the fixers? And if the gold bullion market is centered in London, how can it trade 24 hours a day? Who sets the prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium?

Why a Rising Gold Price is Bad News

Annual deficits and accumulated public debt will raise mortgage rates and jeopardize the country’s credit rating, thus continuing to burden economic growth and adversely impact employment.

Hyperflation and Gold: Losing Faith in the Dollar

Buying gold as a hedge against inflation and hyperinflation is a recurring theme whenever general price levels rise. We know that inflation means rising prices. But what exactly is hyperinflation and how can you protect against its effects?

Invest in Gold to Preserve Your Purchasing Power

Many investors are deeply concerned about the future of the US dollar, especially that the dollar’s continuing fall will lead to erosion of their wealth. They have heard commentators suggest that investing in gold can help preserve their purchasing power. What course of action should they follow?

Buying Gold to Meet your Investment Goals

Americans are buying precious metals, many for the first time. Often they fail to match the form of gold they buy to the reason they are buying, either failing to meet their goals or overpaying for what they need.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Investing in Gold

High gold prices have attracted nefarious characters who try to convince unsophisticated investors to buy precious metals at outrageous premiums or offer to sell them less than they expected to get. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, follow these rules and use your common sense to avoid pitfalls when investing in gold. A few simple rules will help keep you out of trouble.

Making your First Gold Trade

A description of the gold market and a rule that will help an investor overcome the fear of getting into the market.

Making your First Silver Trade

A description of the silver market and tactic that will help an investor get into the market.

Investing in Platinum-Group Metals

Investors often see platinum and palladium as substitutes for silver and gold, but their special properties make them useful for diversifying a precious metals portfolio.

Will the US Government Confiscate Your Gold?

If you own gold, how concerned should you be that the US government might confiscate it? After all, they forced Americans to turn in their gold in 1933. Could they do it again?

Where Should You Store Physical Gold and Silver?

There are many forms of gold available for investors to buy, including gold mining shares, mutual funds, gold bullion, bullion coins, rare coins, gold certificates, gram-gold accounts, and exchange traded funds. To decide on the most appropriate form for you, you should be clear on why you want to buy it. If you buy physical gold, you will have to decide where to store it.

Taxing Gold and Silver Investments

Gains on various types of gold investments (for example, gold mining shares, gold coins, and gold futures) are treated differently by the IRS. Here is a synopsis of the current rules and rates.