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Market Brief: Action toward a multi-year bull market

04/12/2015 After reaching a high at the top of the current range at 1222 on Monday in reaction to the poor employment report, gold prices fell over the week to 1194 on moderate volume before recovering to 1208 on Friday, forming a bull flag and suggesting higher prices to come. The trading range of 1180-1220 remains intact and, we believe, will eventually break to the upside. We continue to hold a core balanced portfolio of physical metals and miners.


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Peas in a Pod: Disdain for Private Enterprise

obama: you didn't build thatIf you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that!

hillary: businesses don't create jobsCorporations and businesses don’t create jobs!

Say what?

obama surrenders to Iran"There is a strange new and dangerous sentiment brooding below the spoken surface that whatever is going on in the world and in America today cannot go on much longer." Victor Davis Hanson: The Reckoning (Image:

Gold: Barbarous Relic

Cash or Gold? You decide. Watch full-screen.

Did you know...?

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The Fed Sets Another Trap "In these days of froth, the persistence of extraordinary policy accommodation in a financial system flooded with liquidity poses a great danger. Indeed, that could well be the lesson of recent equity- and currency-market volatility and, of course, plummeting oil prices. With so much dry kindling, it will not take much to spark the next conflagration." --Stephen S Roach, Dec 23, 2014

Alan Greenspan: The gold standard is not possible in a welfare stateThe Fed’s balance sheet is a pile of tinder, but it hasn’t been lit … inflation will eventually have to rise.

Where will the price of gold be in 5 years?
Greenspan: “Higher.”
How much?
Greenspan: “Measurably.” (New Orleans Investment Conference, Oct 25, 2014)

Heresy (Council on Foreign Relations, Oct 29, 2014) “Gold is a currency.” Listen.

weimar hyperinflation with gold-mark chart

Mercenary Musings: "We should always be cognizant that gold is the only real money and its true value is never subject to the decrees, fiats, machinations, whims, let alone the dreams, fantasies and whimsies of elected and/or autocratic national governments." — Micky Fulp

RISK DISCLOSURE: Trading of equities, futures, options, forex and precious metals has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks and is not suitable for all investors. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in these markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. We may earn a commission when you purchase a program or product introduced on this site.

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Bullion market specialist Jerry White suggests a balanced precious metals portfolio — based on an investor’s risk tolerance and other factors — and analyzes the benefits and costs of each investment product, from junior mining stocks and gold coins to bullion bars and platinum group metals. For gold novices and experienced investors alike. White is a former trading manager of a major bullion house, director of broker Brody, White & Co., exec of a Comex depository and consultant to Comex, major refiners and coin wholesalers.
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  • yellenon us debt: more work to doYellen on US Debt (May 7, 2014)
    “There is more work to do to put fiscal policy on a sustainable course. Progress has been made over the last several years, in bringing down deficits in the short term, but [with] a combination of demographics, the structure of entitlement programs, and historic trends in health-care costs, we can see that over the long-term, deficits will rise to unsustainable levels relative to the economy.”
  • lagarde on resetThe Big Reset (video interview of Willen Middlekoop, Jul 17, 2014)
    Christine Lagarde has already discussed the coming “reset” of the monetary system involving financial regulation, monetary policy, economic and job growth, and structural reforms. What will this reset look like? Middlekoop discusses the current and last stage of financial repression before the global financial system fails and is replaced. What are the consequences for precious metals and in what timeframe?
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