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TradersGame ebook guide for long-term precious metals investors, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today (to Preserve your Assets Tomorrow)
How to buy gold and silver today guide for long-term investors

Bullion market specialist Jerry White suggests a balanced precious metals portfolio in various forms and analyzes the benefits and costs of each investment product. For gold novices and experienced investors alike. White is a former trading manager of a major bullion house, director of broker Brody, White & Co., exec of a Comex depository and consultant to Comex, major refiners and coin wholesalers. PDF version: $19.99, 82 pp

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Gold: Barbarous relic

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Invest in Gold and Silver to Preserve Your Assets and Assure Your Financial Survival Whatever Lies Ahead

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A multi-year bull market

04/13/2014 The expected bounce came last week but has not been strong enough to carry to the 1335 area. While that is still possible, we expect some backing and filling and perhaps a retesting of the 1278 recent low over the next couple of weeks before the recovery continues. Fundamentals favor higher prices over the months ahead. We look for silver and mining stocks to outperform gold and would continue to accumulate a balanced portfolio of miners and physical precious metals.

Contrarian Gold Stocks

“Gold stocks have lapsed back to despised status after late March’s sharp selloff. Thanks to their strong 2014 rally before that, traders were slightly warming to this abandoned sector. But despite the rekindled extreme bearishness, gold stocks remain the greatest bargain in all the stock markets. Their prices are still absurdly undervalued relative to gold which drives their profits, fantastic buys for brave contrarians.” — Adam Hamilton for Zeal. Read it all

For the Self-Directed Precious Metals Investor

Between active traders and buy & hold investors are investors who don’t want to trade every day but also want to avoid the largest drawdowns. Here are resources that we have found helpful:

• The backbone of your precious metals portfolio should be in physical metals that you keep. Jerry White’s book will help you acquire your physical metals.

• For precious metals investors, there are several good premium advisory services that aim to help you catch the bulk of a medium-term rally and avoid the worst draw-downs. The key is finding one that suits your investing style. Check out paid subscriptions and free weekly commentary on Zeal based on technical and fundamental analysis, and Super Force Signals based on technicals. For coverage of all markets, see the analysis produced by the Adens. The Financial Tap has a constructive (and free) discussion forum for investors.

• Gold and silver are volatile and very difficult to trade. To avoid being shaken out of your long-term gold and silver positions, avoid leverage.

RISK DISCLOSURE: Trading of equities, futures, options, forex and precious metals has large potential rewards, but also, in this era of ZIRP, large potential risks and is not suitable for all investors. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in these markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. We may earn a commission when you purchase one of the programs introduced on this site.